Insight Labs (Part 3)

05 Apr 2017
3:15 pm - 4:25 pm
Breakout Session Rooms

Insight Labs (Part 3)

Back by popular demand, the small group “Insight Labs” are designed to enable you to dig deeper into some of the most provocative business challenges. We heard your feedback and these sessions will be even more interactive, allowing for structured client-to-client conversations and brainstorming. Each session will rotate so all attendees can benefit from the content presented.

Lab 6: 3:15 PM – 3:35 PM
Lab 7: 3:40 PM – 4:00 PM
Lab 8: 4:05 PM – 4:25 PM

During this session, you will attend three of the sessions below.

Lab 1: The Programmatic Evolution: Making Consumer Experience Better

A trade-off has existed in the marketplace between inventory quality and efficient targeting. The divide was perpetuated by negative consumer experiences caused by two factors: real time bidding and publishers reserving the best inventory to maintain margins. In this Insight Lab, learn how data and technology have evolved to enable a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and publishers that also improves the consumer experience.

Leaders: Eleanor Smith, Regional Director, Display – East & Justin Scarborough, VP, Client Results

Lab 2: It Pays to Play in Social

We know that today social is a pay-to-play world, but in this session we’re going to show you WHY it pays to play. As media changes, especially social media, new consumer behaviors emerge, and thus marketers need to adapt by evolving our calls to action and our metrics of success. In this Insight Lab, learn how to keep up with the 300+ annual changes in the social space, how to beat ‘shiny new object syndrome,’ and how to be as nimble as your audience.

Leaders: Brittany Richter, National Director, Paid Social & Michelle McNeill, Regional Director, Paid Social

Lab 3: Creating and Measuring Content for ROI

Brands are becoming publishers, and content marketing is one of the fastest growing elements of contemporary enterprise digital strategy. With its increase in prominence comes a greater demand to better understand how content drives business objectives at different levels. This Insight Lab will show you how to not only measure the ROI of content marketing, but how to set your program up strategically in the first place. It’s not just about counting transactions, but also understanding how content marketing contributes to bottom-line ROI across the full customer journey.  Learn about the process and success that comes from applying performance metrics to “upper funnel” branding efforts.

Leaders: Collin Cornwell, SVP, Products & Services Delivery & Andrea Wilson, VP, Strategy Director & Luxury Practice Lead

Lab 4: The Next Wave of Disruptive Marketing

Are you ready for the next wave of disruptive marketing? As consumers become more reliant on voice-powered home devices and personal digital assistants to manage their worlds, marketers will need to react to these new customer entry points. Brands need to pivot their marketing efforts away from simply driving conversions and begin building content to help influence and simplify life management. In this Insight Lab you’ll learn how to successfully reach consumers in this new era of conversational interaction and marketing to the machine.

Leaders: Steve Beatty, Head of Owned Media & Jeremy Hull, VP, Innovation

Lab 5:  Getting Local Search Right

It’s easy to sell the value of maintaining local search listings—that’s housekeeping, and brands can readily find budget for it. However, it’s hard to prioritize fragmented local search budgets without cross-channel measurement, especially if key stakeholders aren’t incentivized to common business goals. Local search isn’t a separate entry point, or a separate channel—it’s a behavior. Future success in Local Search depends on understanding consumer behavior and user intent. Join us to discuss how to get local search right in 2017 and beyond.

Leaders: Jessie Dearien, Regional Director, Paid Search & PJ Fusco, Regional Director, SEO

Lab 6: Building a Smarter Organization

Our world is incredibly complex; astonishing amounts of data are flowing all around us. It’s challenging to understand what’s valuable and whether you’re measuring the impact of marketing properly to deliver the desired results. Successful campaigns or engagements rely on a strong ecosystem built with available data and technology. In this Insight Lab, we will review three key data ecosystem concepts that will fuel how your organization gets smarter, help deliver against your measurement strategy and maximize your advertising dollars: data aggregation, connectivity and accessibility.

Leaders: Ben Flecha, National Director, Advanced Analytics, Data Science & Attribution & Liz Vance, Director, Client Services

Lab 7: Introduction to iReport

iReport is iProspect’s new and proprietary reporting solution for both the data management and visualization of client reports. The product standardizes, automates, and simplifies the reporting process and outputs across all channels and client teams to increase collaboration and advance the client experience. This Insight Lab will deliver a live demo of iProspect’s new integrated reporting solution and how we can help transition data into actionable insights.

Leaders: James Parkington, Analytics Manager & Kathleen Dowse, Digital Project Manager

Lab 8: Lifting Conversions through Personalized Experiences  

Personalized customer experiences are created by leveraging data, analytics and technology. In this Lab, you’ll get the competitive edge. Learn how to connect the dots and leverage the data you’re already collecting to understand intent and drive conversions more efficiently.

Leaders: Dave Husain, CEO and Co-Founder, Leapfrog Online, Joel Grossman, Chief Technology Officer, Leapfrog Online, Tony Denunzio, SVP, General Manager, Leapfrog Online, Mike Gullaksen, Chief Operating Officer, iProspect