Insight Labs (Part 2)

23 May 2018
1:05 pm - 2:30 pm
Breakout Session Rooms

Insight Labs (Part 2)

Our small group “Insight Labs” are back again this year! We heard your feedback from the 2017 Client Summit and we’ve lengthened each Lab to 25 minutes to allow for more Q&A, while also reducing the total number of Labs to 6. Each session will rotate so all attendees can benefit from the content presented in this interactive, thought-provoking discussion groups.

Lab 3: 1:05 PM – 1:30 PM
Lab 4: 1:35 PM – 2:00 PM
Lab 5: 2:05 PM – 2:30 PM

Lab 1: The Influence of Social Media

In today’s day and age, everyone knows that it pays to invest in social media, but how can businesses keep up with the changing landscape and ensure effort over impact are in balance? The solution is fairly simple: invest in social for the sake of business objectives, not just for the sake of investing in social media. This means understanding what the true value of each area of social media brings, the right levels of effort over impact and knowing what challenges the brand is solving for. In this Insight Lab, learn how paid social prospecting, organic social, influencer marketing and social-first creative can offer major opportunities for brands and provide incredible results against business objectives.

Leaders: Brittany Richter, VP Head of Social Media; Jordan Jacobson, Regional Director, Paid Social

Lab 2: Demystifying Data in Programmatic Media

It’s nothing new; advertising budgets are down, but expectations are higher than ever. Adtech platforms are constantly touting best-in-class data and proprietary offerings, but how can advertisers balance efficiency and accuracy when it comes to data usage? In this Insight Lab, learn what really goes into third-party data segments, and how the marriage of data and messaging will enable organic, personalized conversations with consumers, and unleash the power of programmatic media.

Leader: Dillon Lockett, VP Head of Display; Melissa Watson, Senior Director, Display

Lab 3: The Evolution of Search

Search engine results pages (SERP) are evolving into a more of a destination for consumers than ever before. Because of the multitude of options available, customers are getting more information thanks to new ad formats, new targeting capabilities, and new entrants like Amazon. The outcome: consumers are becoming less loyal to individual brands in the digital ecosystem. In this Insight Lab: learn how to effectively navigate this landscape and deliver business results in new and unique ways.

Leaders: Jessie Dearien, VP Head of Paid Search; Adam Riddell, National Director of Structured Data and Feeds

Lab 4: Leveraging Content and UX Strategies to Up Your SEO Game

As SEO continues to evolve, it’s not enough for brands to go after lower funnel organic search results. The space has become increasingly more crowded, leaving brands little choice but to earn back that space with what Google considers the “best answer, within the best experience.” How can brand marketers make this happen? They must turn to content and UX strategy. In other words, the new SEO. In this Insight Lab, learn about what opportunities exist and how to apply them to current brand strategies.

Leaders: Steve Beatty, VP Head of Owned Media; Karen Kysar, Director, UX, Creative Services & Content Marketing

Lab 5: Personalization Across the Consumer Experience

Clients and agencies have embraced the need for highly targeted digital media and personalization. Now, clients are looking for a solution to deliver this same level of personalization from digital media to digital and ecommerce experiences. With AdTech and marketing technologies often owned by different parties with different priorities, it can be a challenge to find solutions that unify the entire customer experience. In this Insight Lab, learn how a combination of performance marketing approaches and the LFX Personalization solution allow you to continually enhance the customer experience.

Leaders: Cass Baker, EVP, Leapfrog Online; Dana Bina, VP Product, Leapfrog Online

Lab 6: Merchandising with a Strategic Mindset

Consumers are more in control of their shopping experiences than ever before. With the massive digital growth of resellers and marketplaces, brands can no longer just optimize their own website. In 2018, it’s time take a step back and look not only at the ROAS, but what your brand is trying to achieve when merchandising online. While Amazon and Best Buy can provide great returns, they don’t look at what other behaviors are driving those purchases. Is it truly making an impact or simply merchandising what would sell anyways? In this Insight Lab, learn how to effectively question results, firm up an overall goal and prepare for the long-term impact of optimizing the “digital shelf”.

Leaders: Jeremy Hull, VP, Innovation; David Hutchinson, Senior Director Paid Search