Insight Labs (Part 1)

01 Apr 2020
11:20 am - 12:45 pm
Breakout Session Rooms

Insight Labs (Part 1)

During this session, you will attend three of the six Insight Labs, following with lunch.

Lab 1: 11:20 AM – 11:45 AM
Lab 2: 11:50 AM – 12:15 PM
Lab 3: 12:20 PM – 12:45 PM

Insight Lab #1 – Combatting Creative Fatigue: Producing for Performance
Even if Creative is not an afterthought, the failure to refresh your creative will cost you more than you think. In this insights lab, we’ll talk about how you plan for production, refreshes, and reuse. We will also look at key ways for your brand to always keep your creative fresh and exciting to consumers.

Leaders: Octavio Maron and Robbie Wiedie

Insight Lab #2 – The Future of Marketing Data in a Privacy Conscious World
A fast-paced, wide-ranging walkthrough on everything you need to know about ‘data.’ With so many changes in digital platform capabilities, machine learning, and privacy laws, this discussion will provide marketers with information on important topics like cookies, fingerprinting, walled gardens, CRM data, data lakes, MMM studies, multi-touchpoint attribution, lifetime value and beyond. Participants will leave this session armed with the latest in data strategy making them ready to broach these topics in their day-to-day decision-making.

Leaders: Julia Smith and Christina Malcolm

Insight Lab #3 – More Than a View: Getting the Most Out of Your Video Strategy
Consumer’s digital media habits are changing. The rapid proliferation of all things digital means video is no longer just an awareness play. How can you tie your video campaigns to the right goals, and how can you ensure those goals are met? This Insight Lab will walk participants through planning, activating, and measuring digital video that meets their different branding and performance goals.

Leaders: Katie Reyher and PK Creedon

Insight Lab #4 – The Multicultural Factor: Connecting With The New Majority
With the U.S. only a few years away from becoming a multicultural-majority population, brands that truly understand and act on the opportunity reap substantial benefits. In this Insight Lab, you’ll learn how growing cultural relevance can help brands establish new differentiation terrains, build lasting relationships with consumers, and become better equipped for the future to increase overall performance.

Leaders: Jonatan Zinger and Aubrie Lamar

Insight Lab #5 – Driving Differentiation by Utilizing Structured Data & Feeds
Digital media activation and management are reaching a tipping point, where the complexity has increased exponentially to the point that manual management is no longer an option and feed-based management is the way of the future. This session will go beyond feed management to discuss the agency-client data partnership that informs structured data value across the entire digital media ecosystem; from the client’s data centers to the agency’s strategy, through to the consumer’s experience. We will explore the future changes of the digital industry and the role data feeds will play while giving brands tangible next steps on how they can use their data in the form of feeds to better connect consumers to their product/service, and leverage automation to scale the management of their programs.

Leaders: Adam Riddell and Jake Hughes

Insight Lab #6 – SEO, Content & UX: Investing in Customer-Centric Experiences
When considering any Digital Marketing strategy, brands must consider what questions they’re trying to answer and in what format users expect to have these answers delivered in. With consumer expectations being higher than ever, device and other factors must also be taken into account, adding more work on the brand side. In this session, we will go over the importance of tapping into CMS platforms and their capabilities, highlighting examples of how brands can leverage capabilities to maximize user experience and drive revenue.

Leaders: Chris Philp and Karen Kysar